A Healthier Lifestyle

8 Aug

I stopped eating red meat about 9 years ago because I was addicted to fast food; sometimes eating at Burger King twice a day. Having a croissant sandwich for breakfast, a whopper for lunch and then eating pizza my fiance brought home was sometimes a normal day. No wonder I was feeling sick all of the time. My absolution began after reading Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser.

I stopped eating hamburgers right away. Instead, I thought the safer, more healthy option was chicken. So, I didn’t go cold turkey…it was slow going. I rationalized that fried chicken sandwiches and french fries were the healthier choice. My addiction to fast food was and is a hard fu&!ing habit to kick.

Bacon…oh sweet bacon, was nearly impossible to give up. I told myself “it’s not red meat…really”. Bacon tastes goood. However, my hunger for knowledge about the food we eat, was stronger than my love for bacon.


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