Eating healthy on a tight budget

21 Aug

I would love to be able to shop at the local health food co-op on a regular basis. However, since the prices are a little high, I’m only able to shop there for specialty items, and only once in awhile. It’s the best place to purchase vegetarian-friendly foods such as tempeh; they have a large variety to choose from. Instead I find myself shopping at the supermarket with a limited amount to spend and sticking to salads, yogurt, pasta and vegetables. I add a lot of cheese and eggs for protein. I try to only purchase organic “free range” eggs; however according to a recent PETA article I read, those labels might not mean what they say. Again, another thing which I should purchase at the co-op or the Farmer’s Market…if I could afford to. It’s is a sad fact of life that if someone wants to eat truly healthier foods, it’s going to cost more than say, the few bucks McDonalds charges for a disgusting “burger”. I’m getting on a rant and could go on and on about GMO foods, antibiotics in foods, pesticides, hormones, inhumane treatment of animals for food; practices such as feeding chicken feces, feathers, and the blood and parts of other animals to cows. Maybe I should just become a Vegan.


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