Egg Recall: One more reason to go Vegan

22 Aug

We, as consumers, should be able to shop for food at our local supermarkets secure in the knowledge that what we are purchasing, what the store is selling, is safe. As a Vegetarian that still consumes eggs and dairy, I’m aware that there are still health issues to worry about not only with animal products, but even vegetables. With this latest outbreak of Salmonella poisoning, and recent E coli outbreaks, it makes shopping a scary thing for anyone who  worries about food-borne illness.

The main reason I cut meat out of my diet was because of health. I had thought of vegetarianism in the past, usually equating it with people who quit eating food with faces; because of cruelty towards animals. I’m not saying that I have never cared about cruelty towards animals; I would never wear fur, it’s just that the catalyst in my case was my health. When there are recalls of food that I normally buy, I stop buying the product for awhile. When spinach was recalled, I stopped eating fresh spinach for the longest time.

“Hens in intensive agriculture are forced to live in miserable, frustrated existence crammed into tiny battery cages, where they are unable to walk or spread their wings,”. “They live covered in feces, often forced to share cages with the bodies of deceased neighbors. These unnatural conditions produce sick birds, which increases the likelihood of infected eggs.”

I’m contemplating omitting eggs now. I’ll just need to figure out what to have for breakfast besides a quick easy standby, a donut and coffee. It’s vegetarian, but definately not healthy.


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